At Bethel we embrace the following Core Values

  1. Evangelism
  2. Holy Spirit Empowered
  3. Unity
  4. Freedom of Expression in Worship
  5. Bible Believing
  6. Divine Healing
  7. Knowing Jesus Personally
  8. Love God
  9. Works of Love and Acceptance Towards our Fellow Man
  10. Prayer and Fasting
  11. Holiness, Purity and Sanctification
  12. Discipleship

Our Motto is:

This is best expressed in the following prayer: In prayer, we believe that together in God we will fulfill the mission of Bethel Christian Church: Touch us God, through the intimacy we have with you; Father, Son and Holy spirit; thus empowering us to touch people with your love. Teach us God,through Your Word and Your Spirit, so we will be able to teach others to be devoted follwers of Jesus, doing your ministry in the world. Transform us God, by the power of Your Spirity to fulfill our divine destiny which is to bring the transforming power of Christ to our world.