I am the Lord who heals you   Exodus 15:26

On the first Sunday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30 P.M.

We welcome people to receive compassionate prayer for healing of sicknesses.

Visitors from Bristol, the surrounding communities and from other churches are always welcome. No appointments are necessary.


The healing room is staffed by greeters who assist visitors with signing in, answering questions and helping them prepare for the prayer session. Prayer Teams attend the person for 15 minutes of concentrated, Spirit-led prayer that focuses on their need. The Prayer Team is a group of 3 uniquely qualified and compassionate believers. Team members have been reviewed by the pastoral staff of Bethel, interviewed and thoroughly trained. They represent the best qualities of faith, love and sensitivity.

We believe Jesus’ death on the cross provided both the forgiveness of sin and healing for sick bodies. Jesus is described in the Bible as “the same yesterday, today and forever.” It is our desire to see the healing ministry of Jesus Christ reestablished by the church.

Bethel Christian Church has a history of seeing many miracles and numerous recorded testimonies of supernatural healing of body, soul and spirit.